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A Little Trinket

Lampwork & Silver Cufflinks - Birthstones in Glass Collection

Lampwork & Silver Cufflinks - Birthstones in Glass Collection

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Finally, A Little Trinket for the gentlemen! These handmade cufflinks consist of glass disc beads with a sterling silver linkage. They will secure double or french cuff shirts with style.

The Birthstones in Glass Collection has 12 jewel tones of glass to represent the months of the year. Choose them for birthdays, anniversaries or just because you love the colour!

I've added images of cufflinks from another collection for now, so you can see what they are like. There's also an images of colours for reference. You may also like the cufflinks in the Locales Collection and Velvet & Gloss Collection.

The handmade glass discs are approximately 18mm across and the link measures 15mm. Each bead is individually hand made so will vary slightly from the images.

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