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Rebecca Long Line Necklaces - Noviomagus Collection

Rebecca Long Line Necklaces - Noviomagus Collection

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Rebecca Pendants are solid spheres of glass, which, in this collection, come in ten different colours of glass, six of which are limited edition. They remind me of the glass fishing floats or 'Witches Balls' used before plastic buoys were available. The glass orbs on a long chain are very tactile, if you're someone who likes to fiddle with their jewellery, this could be for you!

The handmade glass pendants are topped with a sterling silver cap. You can choose whether you opt to have it on a 40"/100cm sterling silver chain (the chain is finished with a branded 'ALT' tag and has no clasp, it just goes over your head) or have the orb to add to an existing chain. I've also added an option to purchase a 40"/100cm chain with a clasp so you can swap orbs to according to your mood.

Pendant diameter approx 18mm.

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