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Trio Bangle - Gradient Collection

Trio Bangle - Gradient Collection

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The Gradient Collection utilises the many different shades of glass to create subtle graduations within colour families. The Trio Bangles feature three little handmade, frosted glass beads which move freely around a simple, round, sterling silver bangle.  Each bangle is finished with a sterling silver tag bearing the ALT logo and hallmark. Wear them singly or as part of a stack.

The handmade beads are approximately 7mm in diameter.  The silver bangle is 1.5mm diameter wire. The small bangle measures 60mm across, the medium is 65mm and the large 70mm. To determine your size clench your fist and measure from the middle of your forefinger knuckle to the middle of your little finger knuckle. If you would like a different size just let me know and I'll make one for you.  Each bead is individually hand made so will vary slightly from the images.

Each Trio Bangle will be presented in a gift box.

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