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A Little Trinket

Cora Heart Earrings - Harmony Collection

Cora Heart Earrings - Harmony Collection

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The name Cora means 'heart' or 'filled heart' so it was the perfect choice for these little, plump heart shaped beads. The frosted hearts are finished with sterling silver as a simple but secure hoop. To wear your Cora Earrings, twist the hoop sideways to open (see the image of the single blue earring). Once in your ear simply twist the hoop closed again and they will be safe there for as long as you want. Don't worry, each pair of earrings comes with a little card reminding you of the instructions. If you prefer a more traditional hook style ear wire just select the 'hook' option and your earrings will be made like those in the Dove Grey image. This style will also be supplied with plastic stoppers as no one likes losing an earring.

The handmade hearts are approximately 12mm top to bottom and 10mm across. The total drop of the earrings is 22mm. Each bead is individually hand made so will vary slightly from the images.

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