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Bouquet Long Line Necklaces - Flora Collection

Bouquet Long Line Necklaces - Flora Collection

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The pendants on a Bouquet Necklace are solid spheres of glass, decorated with a range of pretty stylised flowers. These are the big sisters of the Posy Necklaces, worn on a long line chain. All the Bouquet designs have a matte, frosted finish.

The glass orbs on a long chain are very tactile, if you're someone who likes to fiddle with their jewellery, this could be for you!

The handmade glass pendants are topped with a sterling silver cap. You can choose whether you opt to have it on a 40"/100cm sterling silver chain (the chain is finished with a branded 'ALT' tag and has no clasp, it just goes over your head) or have the orb to add to an existing chain. I've also added an option to purchase a 40"/100cm chain with a clasp so you can swap orbs to according to your mood.

Pendant diameter approx 22mm.

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