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Garland Necklaces - Flora Collection

Garland Necklaces - Flora Collection

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The Garland necklace collection has pretty, feminine, floral pendants on sterling silver chains. The six different floral styles give a range of options from the fresh daisies to the pretty pink of frangipani, the underlying meaning of  forget me nots to the Mother's Day favourite, narcissus.

  • Daisy - Stylised white daisies on a fresh green base
  • Frangipani - delicate white flowers with yellow centres on a pretty pink background
  • Narcissus - the baby sister to daffodils, these six petalled white flowers sit on a soft grey base
  • Forget me nots - classic little blue blossoms with cheerful yellow centres on a frosted cream bead
  • Orchid - multiple layers of reactive glasses create a double row of orchid style flowers
  • Marguerite - Little white daisies on a frosted base.

The lentil shaped pendants are approximately 25mm in diameter and decorated on both sides. The pendant is finished with sterling silver and hung on an 18" sterling silver rolo chain. Each pendant is individually hand made so will vary slightly from the images. Garland necklaces are individually gift boxed.


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