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Rainbow Light Pull

Rainbow Light Pull

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I love a rainbow! I can't help it, there's something about the colours of the spectrum arranged in wave length order that I find pleasing. I've been thinking of making these light pulls for a while but couldn't find a Collection to put them in. Who needs a Collection? Here they are looking gorgeous anyway!

These could be light pulls, equally well they work for fans and blinds too! Each one is handmade using a range of shades of transparent glass to create a rainbow for your home. The Rainbow Light Pulls are all frosted to a matte finish which allows the colours of the glass to 'glow'. I've made two rainbow options, each with 6 different bands of colour, choose from:

Red - with the red band at the widest point, yellow at the bottom and purple at the top 

Purple - with the purple band at the widest point, green at the bottom and red at the top

My standard rainbow light pulls are approximately 4.5cm high, I make each one individually so there is some variation, that's the joy of handmade! I have had a few requests for larger light pulls so I have started to make a larger version which is 5.5-6cm high too. For reference, those are the standard size in my hand in the images.

For all sizes the hole at the top is approximately 3.5mm in diameter with a larger diameter hole at the bottom to hide the knot in your pull cord. If you're wondering if that will fit your pull cord then rest assured most pull switches have a 3mm cord and will be fine. Blinds can be a different matter, particularly roman blinds, so you might want to order a 'Will it fit?' pack to check before you take the plunge.

Light pulls are packaged on a plastic free, recyclable card. If you need a replacement cord I do offer the option to add 150cm of 3mm nylon cord with fittings to suit most pull cord switches.

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