Collection: Winnham Blend - Corriedale, UK Alpaca & Sari Silk

Dyed corriedale wool combined with natural UK Alpaca and recycled sari silk gives you combed top with textural interest as well as pretty colours!

If you'd like to try out the Winnham Blend you might want to add a sample to your order

72% 25-30 micron corriedale, staple length 80-120mm, complies to Oeko-Tex 100, EN71-3:2019+A1:2021 standards

14% Natural undyed, Alpaca from the UK, 28 - 29 microns

14% recycled sari silk - As Sari Silk is a recycled, handmade and hand dyed product, I suggest only cold water use

In 1984 we moved into the farmhouse that used to belong to Winnham Farm. Although some of the farm land is now housing we still have an apple tree from the original orchard in our garden. We don't use 'Winnham Farmhouse' in our address as it causes far too much confusion (we did finally convince the powers that be that the farm water bill wasn't ours to pay) but I can use the name here to keep the history of the building alive.

There is also one combed top - Pretty Teal - that combines Corriedale and Sari Silk but without the Alpaca. It will work well with the Winnham Blend tops (once the current batch runs out it will reappear with the alpaca included)