Is it a rolag or a puni?

It's not really either! A traditional rolag would be made using hand carders and is a light and fluffy fibre preparation. A puni is a much more compact roll of fibre, usually for cotton fibre.

I make my rolags (let's just use that word so I don't have to keep typing out faux-lag, or rolag/puni etc) on a blending board. They are around 22cm (9") long and fairly compact, each one weighs approximately 5g. That's a little shorter than some you might see and that's why you don't see mine rolled up into spirals. As I make them by hand and use a lot of natural fibres too, there'll be some variation between individual rolags and batches but you'll always get a pack weighing a total of at least 25g (5 rolags) or 50g (10 rolags) etc.

To spin from a rolag you can just start at one end and use whatever drafting style you fancy. Some people like to pre-draft them into roving, some don't. Some like to start from alternate ends, some don't. Some like to chain ply to keep colours together, some don't - It really is up to you but, whatever you do I'd love to see the results. Tag me (@ALittleTangledYarn) on Instagram so I can see what you make