How will my order be packaged?

It is my responsibility to get our order to you safely and I'm going to do that with as little impact on the environment as possible

Delivery - I generally use Royal Mail as this an established network across the UK. That means there's a van passing here to collect your order and heading to your neighbourhood already, no individual journeys. Royal Mail also carries out the end of many deliveries on foot, even better for the environment!

Packaging - I'm quite proud to say I've never bought bubble wrap, not in all the 20+ years of running online businesses! If you receive a bit of bubble wrap or a padded envelope containing it from me then it's a reused item I've salvaged from a delivery to me. The printed tissue paper in your order is printed with soy based ink and made from 30% recycled fibers and 70% new acid-free virgin pulp. I switched to used paper tape a few years ago - recyclable along with paper and cardboard it means no more picking the tape off before recycling!

You might receive your order in a plastic bag or mailer - that is stock from over 15 years ago that I'm using up (better than sending it all to be recycled used!) - please re-use it as much as you can before recycling it. Once this stock has been used it will be replaced with sustainable alternatives. If you've paid for a plastic bag from me in person the full price you paid will be spent with Mossy.Earth to support a diversity of ecosystems, rewild habitats to bring back biodiversity and fund neglected species & ecosystems

Printing - you might notice that the packing slip in your order is A5, by reducing the size like this I've been able to half the amount of paper used on them in one swoop! Flyers are all printed on recyclable (and often recycled!) paper and card. Oh and the shipping labels are BPA free, made with FSC-certified paper and finished with non-toxic adhesive, our Stock Shipping Labels are 100% compostable and recyclable.