Are you looking for more fibre?

Sometimes you might need more fibre than I have available, sometimes I can help with that...

As spinning is my relaxation time, I don't spin to order as such. However, I will blend rolags or ask the mill to blend more combed top for you. If I have, or can obtain, more fibre for a blend you can just let me know wheat you'd like. To do that either drop me an email at or use the chat box. Once I know what you are looking for I'll work on the order. When it's ready I'll let you and give you the opportunity to purchase it before anyone else. What I won't do is give you a precise date it'll be ready (minimum turnaround is 2 weeks) or take payment before it's ready (quantities over 200g may require a deposit)

To help you choose your blends I've labelled them as

One of a Kind (OOAK) - These are one offs, I won't be able to blend any more than is already available

Limited edition (Ltd Ed) - I have a limited quantity of the fibre required to blend these, let me know how much you'll looking for and I'll check if it's possible

Repeatable - I either have, or can obtain more stock of the fibre to blend these. If a top or rolag isn't marked as OOAK or Ltd Ed then it's repeatable* (I reserve the right to make errors here, I'll always double check before I agree to blend!)

* When I say 'repeatable' I know you know about batch variation and that 'handspun/blended/made' means I'm no machine, there will be variations!