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A Little Tangled

Minty Turquoise - Merino & Bamboo Combed Top - Portchester Blend

Minty Turquoise - Merino & Bamboo Combed Top - Portchester Blend

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This blend of 74% soft merino and 26% silky bamboo brings you minty turquoise - turquoise (obviously) with a bit of teal, some pale green and sage - you can almost taste the minty-ness. The combed top is lightly blended so you can appreciate the individual colours

How I spun the sample: I chose to spin this top from the fold to preserve the colour definition. I then chain plied it to give a rounded 3 ply which is about aran weight. You're buying the fibre here, not the yarn sample, but I do have this fibre, handspun and all ready for you

74% 23 micron merino from non-mulesed flocks, staple length 75-80mm, dyed to Oeko-Tex 100 standards

26% Bamboo dyed to Oeko-Tex 100 standards

Braids, Bundles & Buns

I package my combed top in Braids, Bundles and Buns, most of my fibre is available in all three sizes.

A Braid is a minimum of 100g of combed top and it is 'crocheted' into a braid. To use it just untuck the end and pull, it'll just unravel easily. If it doesn't then you're probably working from the wrong end, flip it and try again

A Bundle in a minimum of 50g of combed top. This will come wound into a bundle with the end tucked in. All you need do is locate the end and you're off

A Bun is a minimum of 25g combed top and its rolled into a cute little bun shape. you'll probably be able to find either end to work from

Sometimes you might find a mini bun in a selection box, those are a minimum of 10g

Colour matching & images

I do my very best to show you images that portray my products accurately. However, colours will vary with monitor settings etc and some, in particular reds, oranges and pinks, do not photograph well. If I can help with descriptions, just let me know using the chat or drop me an email at

Washing & Care

'Cool hand wash and dry flat' is my suggestion for the majority of fibres. Most will felt (which could be a good thing if you're a felter!) and it's always a good idea to wash strong colours separately.

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