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Rolags (or Punis) for spinning, Summer Skies, Special Edition July '24

Rolags (or Punis) for spinning, Summer Skies, Special Edition July '24

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Summer Skies

Pale blues and soft, fluffy white clouds. Is that a hint of a grey on the horizon? Well, it is a British Summer

This is a truly scrumptious limited edition blend, once it's gone, it's gone so, if you fancy spinning the blue skies the British Summer has so far failed to provide, order sufficient to complete your project. I'll blend something equally lovely next month but it won't be the same

23% Falklands Merino, 23% Polwarth, 20% Cashgora, 15% Corriedale, 9% Alpaca, 5% Eri Silk & 5% Tussah Silk - Phew, There's a lot of luxury going on in these!

Each rolag is approximately 21cm (9") and weighs around 8g. I make a selection of rolags which are available throughout the year but I'll only make this particular version during this month.

I've shown you an image of the yarn I've spun using these rolags to give you an idea of what it might look like. I'd love to see what you spin - you can share your projects by tagging @ALittleTangledYarn on instagram and/or using the hashtag #MyALittleTangled

I would suggest handspun yarn is washed after spinning, this sets the twist and helps eliminate any loose dye. It's always a good idea to wash dark colours separately, just in case!

The wool is dyed and processed in the UK before being blended, by me, in Hampshire. All merino is sourced from non-mulesed flocks and fibres are dyed to Okeo-Tex 100 standards

Is it a rolag or a puni?

It's not really either! A traditional rolag would be made using hand carders and is a light and fluffy fibre preparation. A puni is a much more compact roll of fibre, usually for cotton fibre.

I make my rolags (let's just use that word so I don't have to keep typing out faux-lag, or rolag/puni etc) on a blending board. They are around 22cm (9") long and fairly compact, each one weighs approximately 5g. That's a little shorter than some you might see and that's why you don't see mine rolled up into spirals. As I make them by hand and use a lot of natural fibres too, there'll be some variation between individual rolags and batches but you'll always get a pack weighing a total of at least 25g (5 rolags) or 50g (10 rolags) etc.

To spin from a rolag you can just start at one end and use whatever drafting style you fancy. Some people like to pre-draft them into roving, some don't. Some like to start from alternate ends, some don't. Some like to chain ply to keep colours together, some don't - It really is up to you but, whatever you do I'd love to see the results. Tag me (@ALittleTangledYarn) on Instagram so I can see what you make

Are you looking for more?

Sometimes you might need more fibre than I have available, sometimes I can help with that...

As spinning is my relaxation time, I don't spin to order as such. However, I will blend rolags or ask the mill to blend more combed top for you. If I have, or can obtain, more fibre for a blend you can just let me know wheat you'd like. To do that either drop me an email at or use the chat box. Once I know what you are looking for I'll work on the order. When it's ready I'll let you and give you the opportunity to purchase it before anyone else. What I won't do is give you a precise date it'll be ready (minimum turnaround is 2 weeks) or take payment before it's ready (quantities over 200g may require a deposit)

To help you choose your blends I've labelled them as

One of a Kind (OOAK) - These are one offs, I won't be able to blend any more than is already available

Limited edition (Ltd Ed) - I have a limited quantity of the fibre required to blend these, let me know how much you'll looking for and I'll check if it's possible

Repeatable - I either have, or can obtain more stock of the fibre to blend these. If a top or rolag isn't marked as OOAK or Ltd Ed then it's repeatable* (I reserve the right to make errors here, I'll always double check before I agree to blend!)

* When I say 'repeatable' I know you know about batch variation and that 'handspun/blended/made' means I'm no machine, there will be variations!

Colour matching & images

I do my very best to show you images that portray my products accurately. However, colours will vary with monitor settings etc and some, in particular reds, oranges and pinks, do not photograph well. If I can help with descriptions, just let me know using the chat or drop me an email at

Washing & Care

'Cool hand wash and dry flat' is my suggestion for the majority of fibres. Most will felt (which could be a good thing if you're a felter!) and it's always a good idea to wash strong colours separately.

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